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The Kevin Maple Salon Mission and Vision

Our People Policy

The Kevin Maple Salon is proud of the quality of the services we offer.  

We feel that excellence is accomplished through the commitment each individual makes to his or her job.

A company is only as good as it’s employees, so the Kevin Maple Salon, which strives to be the best, prides itself on employing only the best people.

In order to succeed, we must maximize each employee’s potential. We encourage employees to continue their education and to set their sights on new goals. We want our employees to grow as The Kevin Maple Salon grows.


the kevin maple salon

The ownership and management of The Kevin Maple Salon believes that individual excellence is the key to success.

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to create a unique environment where men and women can enjoy a full range of salon beauty services.

The Kevin Maple Salon recognizes that the reputation of the salon can be no better than the reputation of each employee. With this in mind, “The Four S’s of Success” are the four cornerstones we’ve chosen to support the mission we believe will make us uniquely successful.

Service: We are a service business, and customer satisfaction is the most important key to our business success. We remind ourselves daily that the customer is always right, and we treat each client as if they are the only client we have – and the most important customer of The Kevin Maple Salon.

Staff: Our staff’s direct contact with our clients creates our product. Our staff must be a reflection of the quality of our salon. We must be highly trained to deliver the services at the level our customers expect. We must attract and keep the right caliber of employees & ensure that all staff is motivated to work toward the growth-oriented goals of the salon

Superiority: We are committed to ensuring that every facet of our salon is on the leading edge. This is reflected in our products and our services. 

Strength: We are committed not only to managing our business with the most up-to-date business tools, but we are committed to growth and impact through sophisticated advertising and public relations efforts. 

If we work in a harmonious team spirit on the same mission, we can all benefit financially, as well as emotionally.

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