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Keratin Smoothing Treatments

Starting at 350.00

Here at The Kevin Maple Salon we use two of the finest smoothing treatments.

Brazilian Blowout and La-Brasiliana

Both products are professional smoothing treatments that smooth and condition the hair by creating a protective protein layer around the hair shaft to eliminate frizz and smooth the cuticle. These fine treatments provide smooth, shiny, soft hair! Eliminating frizz while producing instant manageability.

These treatments can be applied the same day as a color service. There is little to no downtime with these treatments. The Brazilian Blowout can be shampooed right away. The La-Brasiliana requires a 24 hour wait time before shampooing. Gone are the days of having to wait 72 hours before shampooing.

You can expect results to last from 6-12 weeks depending on your lifestyle. Daily shampooing and excessive sweating can shorten the life of the treatment. Sulfate free shampoo is required after a treatment. We provide the shampoo and conditioner after your first treatment. A value of $78.00

The end result is smooth, healthy, conditioned hair with radiant shine!

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